Friday, February 24, 2012

A New Window on Media Lab Research

I am excited to tell everyone about a change we’re making for our spring 2012 event in April. For the first time, the Media Lab will make publicly available our Lab research updates. These snapshots of Media Lab research are one of the best ways–if not the best way–to get a bird’s eye overview of what I’ve begun to call the Media Lab Network.

This Network has lots of nodes—people, projects, events. There’s a lot going on here and it’s often difficult to navigate, especially in a big-picture way, but it’s all interrelated, via collaboration, co-location, similar philosophies, or the shared excitement of the researchers—it's the Media Lab Network.

Since I came on board as Lab director last September, I’ve been focusing on casting our gaze outward. We’ve been pulling up the blinds so we can see out—and of equal (if not more) importance—so others can see in. We will continue iterating and extending this openness with each new project and event, and as we ramp up to the spring event, we’ll be posting more items here as a preview to what will be going on over those three days. While the physical meeting itself is by invite only, all the talks and panels will be webcast for everyone to watch. I hope you’ll watch some or all of them, and share your thoughts and comments with us on Twitter and Facebook, or as comments here.

Inside Out: Embedding Nature’s Design in Tomorrow’s Technology
Monday, April 23 to Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Twitter: @medialab
Twitter hashtag for the spring event: #MediaLabIO

Joi Ito is director of the MIT Media Lab.

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